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Fishing: New Hobby maybe?

My family (parents, hubby, sister, brother & sister-in-law) went to PD on Saturday evening. Mission: Fishing hehhehe…. We arrived at PD around 10PM. After unloaded our things, my father, hubby, brother and myself walked in the dark of the night going down the hill, and walked along the rocks to find a good fishing spot. All of us are equipped with a torch light on the head (mcm menoreh getah nya style). We brought along 3 fishing rods and a net. My father did the netting to find the “umpan” like prawns, small fish etc. It was so dark, only get some light assistance from the moon. We’re lucky enough to to get “ikan tuka” (like small pari) that night. Of course the prawns too. We went back around 12.30AM.

Some of the catch that we got from fishing at the “KELONG”, the next day:


Left pix: 2 sembilang 1 tuka. Amazingly, the tuka gave birth while in the net. We released the baby tuka immediately. Right pix is the “KELONG”


Hasil menjala: udang & ikan kecil-kecil. Kanan: “baby tuka” before released.


Kiri – hasil yang telah di barbeque kan …. ahaksss fishing pun dpt lamb shoulder hihihi… Kanan – Ni pulak hasil ikan sembilang tu ….. asam pedas dengan sayur kobis jeruk. Sedap …. ikan & udang fresh, lembut & manis jer isi.

April 9, 2007 - Posted by | Fishing

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