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Cooking: Blueberry Cheesecake – Microwave Version

I never like cheese as well as cheesecake. Actually I don’t like any dairy products except butter. Somehow I do like this version of cheesecake which was introduced by my husband’s cousin’s wife (Dr. Jun – Labuan) last year. It is very easy to prepare.


The recipe:

For base:

[125g Wheatmeal biscuit (crushed)]  [2 tblspn ground hazelnuts]  [1 tblspn sugar]  [1/2 teaspn cinnamon]  [90g butter] 

For Cheese Layer:

[250g cream cheese]  [2 teaspn grated lemon rind]  [1 teaspn grated orange rind]  [ 2 egss (if small, 3 eggs)]  [1/3 cup castor sugar (or grind sugar)]

For topping:

[1 cup bluberry in syrup]  [1 tbspoon cornflour mixed with water]

How to cook:

Combine biscuits, hazelnuts, 1 tblspn sugar & 1/2 teaspn cinnamon. Place butter in a bowl. Cook on High 1minute or until melted. Add to biscuit mixture, mix well. Press over base of 20cm flan dish, refrigerate until firm.

Spread the base with jam. Beat cream cheese on electric mixer until soft, beat with extra sugar, lemon and orange rinds, then eggs, one at a time. Pour mixture over crumbcrust, cook on high 5 minutes, cool, refrigerate until set. Cook the blueberry in syrup with cornflour and water until thick. Pour onto the set cheese layer. Also can be decorated suing whipped cream & strawberries.

August 22, 2007 - Posted by | Cooking

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  1. Thanks for the cheesecake recipe! that looks really good!

    Comment by Mouse | September 5, 2007 | Reply

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