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Angkasawan: It’s a final countdown!

10/10/2007 – Final Countdown, the 1st Malaysian ANGKASAWAN will be blast-off to the ISS @ 9.21pm Malaysian time. The launch pad is at Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan. The first ANGKASAWAN has been announced on 9/10/2007 by our PM. He is Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, a Medical Officer from UKM. He will be with the first crew of Soyuz 15-S mission together with astronauts Yuri Malenchenko (Russian) and Peggy Whitson (American). The second ANGKASAWAN is Captain Dr Faiz Khaleed, a Dentist with ATM and he will join the second crew. However, the final decision on who would be on board the Soyuz – whether the first crew team or second crew team or mixed team — would be determined by the Russian mission director.

My husband and I will have the opportunity to see the launch live telecast organized by MOSTI at KL Convention Center and going to be witnessed by the PM and DPM from there. It will start with breakfast, terawih & hajat prayer and then the live telecast. The invitation:

angkasawan.jpg angkasawaninside1a.jpg 

Do watch it live on tv too! TV1, TV3 and Astro Channel 588. Get to know more about the mission at ANGKASAWAN Official Website. For those who have yet to see their faces, the following are the two lucky bachelors (not including the far right, hehehe):


Left: Dr. Faiz, Middle: Dr. Sheikh

Credits to for this picture


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