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Engagement Cake: Ring of Fire

truly amazing…. my lahling made this cake while I am in Hawaii (well, he is my sifu)… Thanks laling! 


Thank you Syaff for your continuous support.


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Traveling : Hawaii Part2

Updates from Hawaii. I write in new topic so that it won’t reside at the bottom of my page.

After get some rest from a very longggggg journey, I had a pre-meeting discussion with other committees chairmen. Here are some snapshots of the hotel’s beach taken from the secretariat room:

day2beach2.jpg day2beach.jpg

day2beach3.jpg day2beach4.jpg

Then we proceed to visit the Pearl Harbor. Amazing! It flashbacks what had happened during the fateful day of 7 Dec 1941 at Pearl Harbor. They lost so many lives. The most destructive vessel is USS Arizona.

pix will be updated soon.

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Happy Birthday

The longest birthday ever. I departed from Malaysia on my birthdate, transit in Seoul on the same day and arrived in Hawaii still on the same date (even after more than 24 hours journey)! hahaha …. something to remember. Will update the story soon.

Update 24/11 Noon.

OK. Story telling time. I departed from KUL on 24/11 0110AM heading to Seoul. The flight was delayed almost an hour as 3 passengers decided not to travel on that flight (i eves dropped, one of them or two of them lost their tickets). So as normal procedure, their luggage ought to be unloaded. The journey was smooth all the way. Arrived in Seoul around 8.00AM, we checked-in to a nearby hotel since our connecting flight is at 0800PM. We took Korean Air from Seoul to Honolulu. Then the same thing happened. The flight was delayed a bit. There are passengers who lost their boarding pass and their luggage must be unloaded. Waiting time again. After finish my dinner, I slept until the stewardess woke me up for breakfast. Vegetables tempura and prawn curry. Never taste better in that situation hehehe…

Once in the hotel, we managed to check-in but unfortunately as it was too early, our rooms were not ready. So we left our bags at the concierge and strolled around the city center until noon.

Our lunch in Incheon, Seafood Curry Pizza. It costs us 23000 won (around RM80++) for a large size pizza. But it’s more than enough for four of us.  The next pix is the flight I was on board yesterday.

lunch.jpg b777ke.jpg 

My first glimpse of Hawaii. The rainbow welcomes me!

1stglimpse.jpg rainbow.jpg 

Closed to landing, looks like a military based. I dunno. Next is the Honolulu International Airport. Aloha!

mbase.jpg alohahonoluluairport.jpg

The hotel that I am staying.

hotel.jpg hotelimp.jpg

Shopping area, cross the road from my hotel above. One shop that selling magnets – hulala, my favourite.

intlmktplace.jpg magnet.jpg

Tips of the iceberg at international market place. Next: Shrimp Fried Rice for lunch.

shops.jpg nasigoreng.jpg 

End of day 1.

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Wedding Cake: HeartToHeart

Will deliver this cake tomorrow, for a wedding hantaran. Thanks Ita.

hearttoheart4.jpg hearttoheart3.jpg

hearttoheart2.jpg hearttoheart.jpg

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Traveling: Hawaii

I am flying-off tomorrow for Hawaii, USA. I’ll be there for about 1 week, chairing a meeting and attending another meeting. The destination is Honolulu, Oahu and will be staying in a hotel at Waikiki Beach. Just to share the glimpse of the island that I am heading to:






Thanks to GoogleEarth!

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Cupcakes: Ferrari

The same client of BabyBootyBlue ordered this cake for her hubby’s birthday. Since the hubby is away (overseas), she wanted to send the picture of his favorite car, but of course she will consume the cakes without him hehehe…..



Helicopter view:


Did you notice the umbrella on the right side of the above pix? ta daa…..


I wish I could find a F1 girl to hold the umbrella, unfortunately I couldn’t find one hahahaha…. but at least I found this guy:


BTW, thank you very much.

Note: The car is made from scratch, not a printed one.

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Cupcakes: BabyBootyBlue

hahaha … cute name, cute design. I like it very much. The theme is baby booty for a baby boy aqiqah ceremony favor. I made in two colors, blue & white.


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Wedding Cake: Sweet Layer

Thanks to Syilla for her order, she wanted this as hantaran. Made this alone, since my laling is not around. Theme color is pink and purple. Too bad I don’t have camera with me. So I used a camera phone to capture these pix:

syilla3.jpg syilla1.jpg

Selamat Pengantin Baru Syilla.

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