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Wedding Cake: Record of the day

 Yesterday we made 6 cakes (3 for weddings and 3 for engagement).

Zaza & Fendi

3-Tier wedding cake for their wedding reception. Theme color is red. Thanks Maz & Zaza!


Abyss Gift Box

A gift from a wonderful sister to his brother for his engagement cake. Selamat Bertunang Faizal & Adah. Thanks Azlina!


Sweet Layer V

An engagement cake from a beautiful Aunty.  Selamat Bertunang Izwa & Min. Thanks to Pn. Elly!



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My Blog: 1st Anniversary

Today is the 1st Anniversary for my blog. It started last year on this date while I was on holiday at home, doing nothing hahaha and found wordpress. Time really flies. The statistic below show how my blog has been progressing so far.

Blog Stats

Total Views: 17,928

Best Day Ever: 298 — Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Views today: 13


Posts: 115

Comments: 131

Categories: 27

Tags: 9

……. and out of millions of billions of website in the world, my blog is ranked as follows: has a traffic rank of:  4,820,030

Thanks to all my readers, family, friends and customers.

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Wedding Cake: SweetyPink

Pink & Sweet. That’s how I describe this cake. It is for hantaran from the bride to the groom. Selamat Pengantin Baru Fariza Hezrin and Effendi Emir. Thank you Maz!



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Wedding Cake: RosyRibbons

Wedding cake for reception. Actually it is a 3-tier cake. The first two tier is cupcake and this one is going to be on top. Thanks Aimi!


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Wedding Cake: Sweet Layer IV

Same design, different arrangement & colors (and different camera too, if you noticed the quality of the pix). Selamat Pengantin Baru Ihsan & Aimi. Akad nikah is tomorrow 22/12/2007



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Wedding Cake: Full Order

This weekend and next weekend gonna be a very busy weekend. Got orders for 6 wedding cakes from hantaran up to 3-tier cakes to couple of hundred of cupcakes. At the same time received order for VIP Gifts using dip flower. So I cannot take more orders for this week. Will update all pictures once completed.



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Hantaran: Kammarul Bahraynn & Haryaty

Selamat Pengantin Baru Kammarul & Haryaty.

These are the gifts(hantaran) from the groom to the bride. Their solemnisation (akad) will be held tomorrow, 15 December 2007. The groom’s mother is my colleague and she’d trusted me to prepare all the hantaran for his son. The color scheme is white with a little bit touch of purple and lavender. Thank you very much!



telekung.jpg cek.jpg

Update 15/12/2007: Sirih Junjung

sirih.jpg sirih2.jpg

special ordered ribbon:

ribbon2.jpg ribbon.jpg

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Personal: My New Gadget

iphone anyone? dreamt of this phone since the day of its birth. I got this for my birthday together with DKNY be delicious EDP and a very beautiful birthday card. Thanks lahling!!!

iphone-image1a.jpg iphone-image2a.jpg

myiphone2.jpg myiphoneset1.jpg


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Cooking: Home made Teriyaki Burger

Today, my brother cook this so called home made burger:


I’ve yet to taste but it looks voluptuous hahaha…..

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Wedding Cake: SweetLayer III

Thank you!


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