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Traveling: Jakarta, Indonesia

I’m off to Jakarta in 6 hours time. We are on H O L I D A Y. Donno where to go yet but we take a free and easy package. Will update the story once I get back here (I don’t bring my laptop so I would expect I will be disconnected from the net for the next 3 days hahaha ….)

Updates 7/1/2008

We came back last night via MH722. Arrived at KLIA around 9.15pm. 3D2N in Jakarta really not enough. Nothing much you can do. When we arrived on Friday morning (4/1/08), we just too tired and and sleepy as the night before we stayed  up late for the carcake project. 🙂

Day 1 – Arrived in Jakarta via MH711 around 10am. A rep from the travel agent already waiting for us to transfer to the hotel. Along the journey to hotel there were so many swamp on the left and right side of the road. We thought they were paddy field but they were not. They are seawater overflow from the ocean. You can see from this pix:


We checked-in @ Le Meridien Hotel, Jalan Sudirman. I booked the package online from Malaysia which includes 3D2N stay at Le Meridien with breakfast for 2 person and airport transfers. After checked-in, we slept for few hours in the day time. At night we had our dinner at Garuda Restoran @ Sabang for a Nasi Padang taste.  Please remember that whenever you seat at a Nasi Padang restaurant,  the waiter/waitress will serve your table with so many dishes. The moment you touch the dish, they will be in your account. Since today we had not had our lunch, we end up with 7 dish. The manggo juice is very delicious. My laling tried the “Air Jeruk Kelapa Muda“. Donno what to expect. Later we know that the jeruk meant limau. Then we walked to Plaza Indonesia. This place is full of branded boutique. From Cartier, to LV, to Bvlgari you name it. I saw TODS from far. I bought few bottles of body splash from Victoria Secret and Bath and Body Works line. Here they have money exchanger that open till night and on the weekend. One more thing, we bumped to Kaer (AF?) with his male friends at the escalator.

BTW, the room in Le Meridien is quite spacious & the food also not bad at all.

hotelroom.jpg hotelroom2.jpg

Day 2 – After breakfast, we went to Tanah Abang (I did a little bit of study on where to go about in Jakarta). From my reading, the expectation about the place is dirty and packed with people but surprisingly, that’s not the case. We went to Block A Tanah Abang and shopped around. The crowd is bearable. The goods also very attractive. From Kebaya, to Lace to Telekung and batik etc. Since we don’t have any specific thing in mind, we just strolled around. I end-up buying 3 pairs of kebaya with sulam and my laling had his tailor-made suit and a pair of pants from wool material.



batik.jpg batik2.jpg


From there, we took a cab to Mangga Dua, just to see the place. From Tanah Abang to Mangga Dua, the cab driver use a very small road. Very the “macet” (jammed). Once there, we donno where to go. So many shopping arcades. We just walked for about 20 minutes and then we decided to go back. On the way back, we stopped at Plaza Indonesia again to change some money (not enough maaa for dinner) hehehe … then we went to Garuda Restoran again for another round of Nasi Padang. Today we just took 5 dishes. But still Ayam Bumbu on the top most of our dishes.



Day 3 – Initially we planned to go to Taman Mini Indonesia which is about 1 hour drive from the hotel. However since the tailor for my laling suit would like to come around 12 noon, then we decided just to stay at the hotel. Around noon the tailor came to our room and we chit-chatting for about an hour. While talking to Pak Azhari (the tailor) a helicopter passed through our hotel window (we stayed at the 5th floor, so you can imagine how low the heli was). Actually my room is facing most of the banks in Jalan Sudirman, the Commonwealth Bank, Maybank, Permata Bank, UOB Bank etc. Pak Azhari said the heli belongs to the conglomerate or corporate executive. That’s how they move around in Jakarta. After that we packed or things and checked out around 2pm. Soon after that the guy from MG Holidays (Mr Ari) came and fetched us to the airport. We had our lunch at the airport around 4pm (nasi padang again hahaha)….. Our flight ETD 1830hrs.


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Project: Carcake

Just finished! Happy Birthday Aqeem & Ajeem. Thank you!


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