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KL-Putrajaya Highway

I’ve been using the hiway for the past one month (for free! hehehe). Today it officially starts the toll fee for RM 2.50 from Putrajaya Tol Plaza. Means return RM 5.00. Let’s do some maths here. If i follow normal route, it will be RM 1.60+RM1.60 x 2 ways = RM 6.40/ day. With this new hiway, I shall pay RM 2.50 + RM 1.60 x 2 ways = RM 8.20. The difference is RM 1.80/ day which makes RM 36/ month or RM 432/ year. Minus the number of days I’m on leave and outstation overseas, the number will be much lesser, I believe around RM 300/ year.

Finished with the maths, now we do the simple analysis. If I follow the normal route, I will take around 45 minutes to reach NPE. With the new hiway, I only take 15 minutes which means I saved 60 minutes (30+30 for return trip)/ day or 12000 minutes (about 8 days)/ year. I don’t mind paying RM 300 extra per year and of course, without compromising my productivity and quality time… it saves my expenses on the fuel too. My eyes get some exercise as lots of greens on your left and right along the hiway. For me, the intangible benefits are much more than RM300. Good job & Thank you.


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