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Nurin: Recent Dialogues

Dialog 1:

Nurin: Adik ada Mama, ayah adik aner?

Dialog 2:

Nurin: Adik nak naik plane

Me: Adik nak naik plane dengan siapa?

Nurin: Adik nak naik plane dengan ayah

Dialog 3:

Nurin: Adik nak balik Ipoh

Mama: Nak balik Ipoh naper?

Nurin: Ipoh ada Iddin (and some other names of her cousins), ada ayah.

Note: Her father was buried in Ipoh.

Dialog 4

While watching TV (News about one incident where policemen take a covered body to the land rover):

Nurin: Cian ayah…..

Dialog 5

Mama: Ayah pi mana?

Nurin: Ayah pi keja, naik plane.


Today she asked about her ayah again, “ayah aner?”. Mesti dia tengah rindu yang teramat sangat kepada ayah dia.

Dialog 6

I was talking to her mother over the phone and she wanted to speak also. When her mother passed the phone to her, she ask me few questions. In between the conversation:

Nurin: Ayah ke?

Mama: Bukan ayah…

Nurin: Ayah aner?


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