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Aviation: My favorite item

Apart from the spotting photos, I love to collect these miniature aircrafts.

mhnewlivery.jpg      mh747400.jpg

a380.jpg      baconcorde.jpg

ka.jpg      sv.jpg



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Aviation: Spotters at Sydney Airport ll


The picture I like most. I managed to capture 6 JUMBOS in this pix (including 3 JUMBO’s tip of the wings hehe). Clockwise, from right JL, SQ, MH, SQ, QF, TG

While taxing……


Air New Zealand


United Airlines, Air Canada, MALAYSIA AIRLINES


Pacific Blue


QF about to land


United Airlines taxing

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Aviation: Spotters at Sydney Airport l

Lama dah tak update pasal aviation. Teringat koleksi gambar2 yg banyak tu …. so try upload satu persatu… This set all taken at Sydney International Airport from Emirates Lounge:


Thair Airways – parking


Korean Air – pass by


Thair Airways – reversed & towed away


Japan Airlines – Parking after Thai Airways


There she comes…. The aircraft that we’re going to board EK A340-500.

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Aviation: Food for thoughts

I just love to take photos of my meal on board while traveling. These are part of food for thoughts. When I see this I will always remember the moment I seat on the plane, waiting the crew to serve me and looking around watched what were other people doing. Feel great!

The setting         Breakfast on Emirates (SYD-CHC) 

The setting – Emirates First Class, A340-500                           Brunch on Emirates, main dish on Syd-Chc                

Fruit Platter          Starter

Dessert … yum yum                                                               On the way back, ChC-Syd. Just a starter…

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Aviation Enthusiast

No word would express my interest in aviation except for these pictures

sydney-jal-copy.jpg    take-off.jpg

View from Emirates Lounge, Sydney Airport                                  Take-off: CHC-SYD

christchurch-on-the-way.jpg    Sydney Airport - Korean Air Jumbo Lading   

I am on Emirates flight to Christchurch for vacation. Picture taken from A340-500, seat 1F & 1A


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