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Cooking: Home made Teriyaki Burger

Today, my brother cook this so called home made burger:


I’ve yet to taste but it looks voluptuous hahaha…..


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Cooking: Break Fast

Today I am on medical leave, not feeling very well. Thinking what to cook for break fast…. finally I decided to cook western food. Grilled Salmon with Spaghetti Alfredo Seafood and salad. Dessert – Bluberry Cheesecake, coupled with iced Lychee for drink.




The cheesecake I made in a round casserole but I put aside the ingredients enough for 2 heart shape cups (for me and my lahling of course! *grin*)

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Menu: Where East & West meet, Steak & Cheese vs. Acar Buah Ikan Masin

These Dishes cooked by my mother:


 Nasi Ulam & Sayur Keladi Asam Rebus


Acar Buah & Ikan Talang Masin ….. yummmmmmm…… dulu-dulu my mother selalu menang pertandingan memasak kalau pertandingkan acar buah. Sesiapa yang nak order, boleh contact saya. Memang sedap sangat!

This one cooked my brother:


He called it Steak & Cheese….

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Cooking: Blueberry Cheesecake – Microwave Version

I never like cheese as well as cheesecake. Actually I don’t like any dairy products except butter. Somehow I do like this version of cheesecake which was introduced by my husband’s cousin’s wife (Dr. Jun – Labuan) last year. It is very easy to prepare.


The recipe:

For base:

[125g Wheatmeal biscuit (crushed)]  [2 tblspn ground hazelnuts]  [1 tblspn sugar]  [1/2 teaspn cinnamon]  [90g butter] 

For Cheese Layer:

[250g cream cheese]  [2 teaspn grated lemon rind]  [1 teaspn grated orange rind]  [ 2 egss (if small, 3 eggs)]  [1/3 cup castor sugar (or grind sugar)]

For topping:

[1 cup bluberry in syrup]  [1 tbspoon cornflour mixed with water]

How to cook:

Combine biscuits, hazelnuts, 1 tblspn sugar & 1/2 teaspn cinnamon. Place butter in a bowl. Cook on High 1minute or until melted. Add to biscuit mixture, mix well. Press over base of 20cm flan dish, refrigerate until firm.

Spread the base with jam. Beat cream cheese on electric mixer until soft, beat with extra sugar, lemon and orange rinds, then eggs, one at a time. Pour mixture over crumbcrust, cook on high 5 minutes, cool, refrigerate until set. Cook the blueberry in syrup with cornflour and water until thick. Pour onto the set cheese layer. Also can be decorated suing whipped cream & strawberries.

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Cooking: Home-made pizza

My brother came to my house today with one mission. To bake pizza. Hot from the oven:

pizzaajay.jpg   pizzaajay1.jpg

4 flavours in one pizza …. the taste? yummy …..

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Ayam Golek Blackpper

Last weekend my brother came to my house. He brought along a whole chicken, to make a “ayam golek” so called. The taste was quite good (of course my supervision also contributes kekeekeke, jgn mare aaaa). This is the outcome:


The skin is very the crunchy! and when we eat together with our home made gravy…..  slurrrppp yummy! can’t tell you the feeling hihihi ….

Note: ajay, can you post the recipe here? heheheh maybe akak also wanna try. ahaksss….

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Cooking: Lunch Yesterday

It is considered late by the time I uploaded these pix. But just to make you drooling hehehhe, can’t help it!


12 O’clock, clockwise: Sup Ikan Merah, Ayam Kampung Goreng (panasssss ooooo), peria katak, sambal belacan & kerabu pucuk paku with taugeh and kerang. yummy!!!

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Cooking: Mee Bandung Muar

uummpphhh …… it has been years since I last cook this dish. Suddenly feel like eating Mee Bandung Muar. We went to Pasar Borong Sri Kembangan in the morning and then I cook the gravy. slurppp …. delicious that’s all my lahling can say…. then he lost his words as he was finishing this:


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Cooking: Laksa Utara

My mom cook Laksa Utara this morning. I am not a Laksa fan. But I will eat Laksa if there is “kicap” (soy sauce). My favorite “kicap” is Kicap Lemak Jalen. Very the yummy…. especially when it is served in a Claypot.


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Cooking: Blueberry Muffin


Managed to bake blueberry muffin for Amirul & Adib. Really delicious.

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