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Nurin, Cuti-Cuti Malaysia – August 08

Last weekend my parents together with my sister’s family came to KL. My father has medical checkup in IJN. I was busy taking them around since they were here only for 4 days. Here are some moments that I managed to capture during their visit:

Ropewalker – So brave girl! Nobody asked her to walk on this rope. She just play around the playground, climb here and there then proceed to this ropewalker. We were so surprised. At one time she hold the rope left & right.


Her all time favorite – Thomas & Friends (she pronounced it as OMES & FENS)

I dont know what’s the character name hehehe:


The two brothers at Dataran Putra after we had our lunch down there. Looks “kekenyangan” and sleepy hihihi.

This is Adib’s leg. He tried the fish spa. Nurin tried too but only for few seconds.

Oh not to forget last time when I went back to my sister house, I brought along this cheongsam which I bought in Hong Kong for Nurin. Cheeky!


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Travel: Cuti-Cuti Malaysia May08

My parents and my sister’s family travelled down south to my house during last school holidays. One of the agenda is to go to Singapore for personal matters. For the children, we have promised to take them to Melaka, to visit Taman Mini Malaysia, Mini Asean, Zoo and Banda Hilir. I didn’t go, only the two brothers, my father and my brother. Here are some of the snapshots:

Rumah Perlis


Perkampungan Myanmar


Menara Taming Sari (Banda Hilir)


For Nurin, we took her to DUG DAG in Alamanda (as usual hehehe …. ):

Sayaaaaaaang ELMO …….


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Innalillahiwainnailaihiroji’un – WAN SHAMSIR NIZAM IDRIS (1972 – 2008)



My brother-in-law, the husband of my eldest sister, the father of these 3 wonderful children, passed away peacefully on 2/5/2008.


Semoga roh Allahyarham Wan Shamsir Nizam Idris dicucuri Rahmat Allah s.w.t. dan ditempatkan bersama orang-orang beriman. Amin.

Takziah to my sister & the family of my late brother-in-law

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International Mathematics and Science Olympiad (IMSO): Amirul’s Journey

Today, Amirul conveyed a great news to us. For the past three days he spent his time at one of the hotel in Kedah for the IMSO final stage selection camp (for primary school). He got the 1st rank.We all know he can do it. Even though just 11 years old, he shows he is different from other 11 year old kids. He has magic! You will be surprised, the questions are from the PMR and SPM level for Physics, Biology and General Science (all in English and he reads these books on his own). After few selection camps, he (together with the 2nd & 3rd candidate) will be off to Jakarta, Indonesia next week for the international event representing the country. Congratulations Amirul!


p/s: hihihi …. Jakarta? I wanna follow too!

Update 7/11/07, IMSO For Primary School 2007 Itinerary:


– Tour to Museum Zoology

– Opening Ceremony


– 1st Theoretical Examination (Math & Science)

– 2nd Theoretical Examination (Math & Science)


– Experimental Examination (Science)

– Exploration with Math


– Tour


– Announcement of winners and closing ceremony IMSO 2007

– Farewell dinner and culture party

Too bad I can’t follow. I have 1 day leave only. Note: Amirul is in the Science team

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Happy Birthday Wan Amirul

Today is Amirul’s 11th birthday. We baked & iced some cuppies for his friends at school. The theme? Golf Cupcakes. Since I am away from home and did not bring all my deco tools, my design is also limited. I couldn’t find any ready made fondant here to make the golf ball. So what I did was making the buttercream tougher and pipe it using a round tip to make a white round shape resembles a golf ball. Also, my sister would like to bring some for her colleagues (the theme is choc ganache and orange buttercream)

The golf cupcakes comprise of green, bunker and water hazard, roses, clouds and ladybird.



cuppies-amirulroses.jpg cuppies-amirulpool.jpg

cuppies-amirulbunker.jpg cuppies-cikgu.jpg

Apart from the cuppies, my sister also bought a cake for us to eat and celebrate (the cuppies are jus

t enough for his classmates and also my sister’s colleague at her school, so nothing left for all of us).

bdaycake-amirul.jpg amirulbday1.jpg

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Happy Anniversary!

Today is our 7th Wedding Anniversary. Nothing happened today but we have planned something interesting tomorrow and the week after.

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School Holidays: Umrah & Sports

Recently my parents and Amirul went for Umrah. They go through Andalusia Travel Agency. The comments from them: their services were marvellous!


After coming back to Malaysia, he spent some times at the golf range.


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