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8th Anniversary

Time really flies. Today is our 8th Anniversary. We dine out and had foot massage for both of us. We also got a pair of crocs shoes for each other. COOL!

– will paste the picture later.


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Happy Birthday Mak & Adik

Happy Birthday to my mother and my only and youngest brother. It is very rare to have birthdates for the mother and son fall on the same day, in our case = 14 APRIL

It is not too late to congratulate my brother & his wife on their new born babygirl, ALEEYAH dated 2 APRIL 2008. Happy Belated Birthday to the mother too (9 APRIL). So April gonna be a busy month for my brother’s family.

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Blog: 6 months

I’ve been blogging for 6 months! Couldn’t believe it but time really flies. Here is my first posting in this blog. Thank you to my readers too. The counter shows it is already more than 2000 visitors visited my blog so far. To be exact, here are some statistics as reported in my blog. I know it is not easy to attract visitors. Thanks to wordpress!

Blog Stats

Total Views: 2,201

Best Day Ever: 90

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So long …

It has been about a week since I last update my blog. However, the traffics are keep coming in. Thanks to the search engine!

I am suffering from a headache tonite. Very bad. I am thinking my blood pressure must be high at this point of time. Our life are so hectic lately. I just came back from a very important workshop. My lahling busy with a very big event this week.

Tonite I am thinking of baking cupcakes. Chocolate cupcakes. How does it look like? I also don’t know since the cuppies are still in the oven. hehehe…..

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Back to work

After being away for a very long time (surgery & overseas trip), today I am back in the office. Not so many people around since they are finishing their annual leave. Catch up few things with colleagues and subordinates. Got to know another colleague will end her service after her VSS is approved. Her last day is on 29 Dec 06. I need to arrange for a farewall party.

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The day I start this blog

While browsing the Internet, I found this and I decided to be part of the bloggers world. This is my first posting and as I mentioned in my profile, my passion is in Aviation, Wedding Cakes, Photography, Traveling and Cooking. You may see lots of the stories and pictures of my interests here, right in this blog.

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