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Nurin: In various pose

Mak Limah nak pergi beraya (note: bag tu untuk collect duit raya)

Pose Manja dulu, seblom naik keter:

Funky Style:                                                              Ala-ala ayu gitu:


Teringinnnnnnnn sangattttttt:

Gambar masa nak pergi MAHA hari tu, 1st time naik bas, TERUJA wa cakap lu…. kekekeke:


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Nurin: Photogenic

Recently we went back to our hometown to celebrate the first day Ramadhan. Nurin, as cheeky as usual, fully cooperate with the photographer, i.e. my darling hehehehe … some snapshots of her activities (she’s now 2yo 3mo) :




Building her own castle



Playing with her “TER”:


Happy time:



Merajuk time:


Smiles again:


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Nurin, Cuti-Cuti Malaysia – August 08

Last weekend my parents together with my sister’s family came to KL. My father has medical checkup in IJN. I was busy taking them around since they were here only for 4 days. Here are some moments that I managed to capture during their visit:

Ropewalker – So brave girl! Nobody asked her to walk on this rope. She just play around the playground, climb here and there then proceed to this ropewalker. We were so surprised. At one time she hold the rope left & right.


Her all time favorite – Thomas & Friends (she pronounced it as OMES & FENS)

I dont know what’s the character name hehehe:


The two brothers at Dataran Putra after we had our lunch down there. Looks “kekenyangan” and sleepy hihihi.

This is Adib’s leg. He tried the fish spa. Nurin tried too but only for few seconds.

Oh not to forget last time when I went back to my sister house, I brought along this cheongsam which I bought in Hong Kong for Nurin. Cheeky!

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Nurin: Recent Dialogues

Dialog 1:

Nurin: Adik ada Mama, ayah adik aner?

Dialog 2:

Nurin: Adik nak naik plane

Me: Adik nak naik plane dengan siapa?

Nurin: Adik nak naik plane dengan ayah

Dialog 3:

Nurin: Adik nak balik Ipoh

Mama: Nak balik Ipoh naper?

Nurin: Ipoh ada Iddin (and some other names of her cousins), ada ayah.

Note: Her father was buried in Ipoh.

Dialog 4

While watching TV (News about one incident where policemen take a covered body to the land rover):

Nurin: Cian ayah…..

Dialog 5

Mama: Ayah pi mana?

Nurin: Ayah pi keja, naik plane.


Today she asked about her ayah again, “ayah aner?”. Mesti dia tengah rindu yang teramat sangat kepada ayah dia.

Dialog 6

I was talking to her mother over the phone and she wanted to speak also. When her mother passed the phone to her, she ask me few questions. In between the conversation:

Nurin: Ayah ke?

Mama: Bukan ayah…

Nurin: Ayah aner?

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Travel: Cuti-Cuti Malaysia May08

My parents and my sister’s family travelled down south to my house during last school holidays. One of the agenda is to go to Singapore for personal matters. For the children, we have promised to take them to Melaka, to visit Taman Mini Malaysia, Mini Asean, Zoo and Banda Hilir. I didn’t go, only the two brothers, my father and my brother. Here are some of the snapshots:

Rumah Perlis


Perkampungan Myanmar


Menara Taming Sari (Banda Hilir)


For Nurin, we took her to DUG DAG in Alamanda (as usual hehehe …. ):

Sayaaaaaaang ELMO …….


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Happy 2nd Birthday NURIN!

31/5/2008 – 2nd Birthday for Nurin. She experienced the special day without her beloved father who had just passed away  about a month ago. We just bought a cake and birthday presents for her. Her mother bought a Barbie computer which she termed as “TER”. My sister and I bought a giraffe ride that she termed as “DUG DAG”. My brother bought a Barbie doll which she called “BARBIE Doi” hehehe ….. Her brothers gave a pink hat, so cute!

The cake …..

The three siblings sing the birthday song … clap clap clap …. the birthday girl seems can’t wait to blow out the candles.

Nurin: Why they took so long to take a plate…. I can’t wait, it’s better for me to taste from the plastic knife.

Mama doesn’t have to take me to shopping mall to ride a dug dag …. now I have one at home!!! hehehe ….



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Nurin: After 1st Birthday

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Nurin: Nurin’s 1st Birthday

The birthday party just finished.

1st-bd-cakes.jpg   ayamgolek-nurin-bd.jpg

Menu: Ayam Golek, Macaroni Goreng, Moist Choc Cake, Cupcakes and Banana Choc Cake. All are home made except for Banana Choc Cake where my brother bought it from Secret Recipe

Note: The cake stand is from Wilton

And this is the birthday girl….. geramnya tgk cupcake tu ek….


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Nurin: Nurin & AF5


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