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Cakes Order

Dear Customers and Friends,

I am sorry to inform you at the moment I can not take any order for wedding cakes and cupcakes. I have some logistic issues but will be back in business in couple of months. Hopefully by then I am able to start classes for cake decorations too. Stay put and watch out for the updates!




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Project: Carcake

Just finished! Happy Birthday Aqeem & Ajeem. Thank you!


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Wedding Cake: Full Order

This weekend and next weekend gonna be a very busy weekend. Got orders for 6 wedding cakes from hantaran up to 3-tier cakes to couple of hundred of cupcakes. At the same time received order for VIP Gifts using dip flower. So I cannot take more orders for this week. Will update all pictures once completed.



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Project: Ultraman Cake

A friend asked me to make a Barney Cake (same like Jojo) but later changed to Ultraman. Well, we will always try to fulfill what the customers want. It is very challenging especially in handling the body, head and the trade mark arm cross! hihihi but finally we are very happy of the outcome. Thanks Shaky!


The Ultraman is made of fondant and painted with silver edible color.

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Project Yesterday: Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cake for Hantaran from the bride to the groom:

cakehantaransu.jpg     hantaransu2.jpg

There’s another one 3-tier cake for the reception. Don’t have the photo at the moment. Will upload once it is made available to me.

This is the middle tier of the 3-tier cake.


Cake Hantaran for an engagement today:


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Project: Jojo Birthday Cake for Nureen Saffiya

Just completed this today:

jojo1.jpg   jojo2.jpg

Happy 2nd Birthday Nureen!

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Cupcakes: Tennis Court Project

My customer wanted a tennis court theme for cuppies. Here is the outcome:


60 cupcakes, with 11 strawberries dipped in chocolate and 1 little candle (for 1st anniversary). Thank you :p

August 5, 2007 Posted by | Cupcakes, Project | 4 Comments

Project: Barbie & Spiderman Cakes

Made these 2 cakes this morning for a birthday party of my friend’s children, Nadhirah (6 years old) & Najmi (1 year old).

barbie.jpg     spiderman.jpg

July 1, 2007 Posted by | Project | 6 Comments

3D Project Again

Made another 3D cake for the children of my lahling’s officemate. Exactly like the first one except this time around I made more grasses, change the colors here & there and some clowns as the audience hahaha!. But women always win kkekekeke…..


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Projects: 3D Cakes Decoration

Went to a 3D Cake decoration last week. So this is the outcome:


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