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Travel: Cuti-Cuti Malaysia May08

My parents and my sister’s family travelled down south to my house during last school holidays. One of the agenda is to go to Singapore for personal matters. For the children, we have promised to take them to Melaka, to visit Taman Mini Malaysia, Mini Asean, Zoo and Banda Hilir. I didn’t go, only the two brothers, my father and my brother. Here are some of the snapshots:

Rumah Perlis


Perkampungan Myanmar


Menara Taming Sari (Banda Hilir)


For Nurin, we took her to DUG DAG in Alamanda (as usual hehehe …. ):

Sayaaaaaaang ELMO …….



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Traveling: Melbourne, Australia

I am currently in Melbourne, Australia, chairing a meeting. The weather here quite nice in the day time and is getting colder at night. It’s going to winter soon. Not in the mood of taking any pictures, yet! 🙂 . The halal food are also easily available.

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Traveling: Jakarta, Indonesia

I’m off to Jakarta in 6 hours time. We are on H O L I D A Y. Donno where to go yet but we take a free and easy package. Will update the story once I get back here (I don’t bring my laptop so I would expect I will be disconnected from the net for the next 3 days hahaha ….)

Updates 7/1/2008

We came back last night via MH722. Arrived at KLIA around 9.15pm. 3D2N in Jakarta really not enough. Nothing much you can do. When we arrived on Friday morning (4/1/08), we just too tired and and sleepy as the night before we stayed  up late for the carcake project. 🙂

Day 1 – Arrived in Jakarta via MH711 around 10am. A rep from the travel agent already waiting for us to transfer to the hotel. Along the journey to hotel there were so many swamp on the left and right side of the road. We thought they were paddy field but they were not. They are seawater overflow from the ocean. You can see from this pix:


We checked-in @ Le Meridien Hotel, Jalan Sudirman. I booked the package online from Malaysia which includes 3D2N stay at Le Meridien with breakfast for 2 person and airport transfers. After checked-in, we slept for few hours in the day time. At night we had our dinner at Garuda Restoran @ Sabang for a Nasi Padang taste.  Please remember that whenever you seat at a Nasi Padang restaurant,  the waiter/waitress will serve your table with so many dishes. The moment you touch the dish, they will be in your account. Since today we had not had our lunch, we end up with 7 dish. The manggo juice is very delicious. My laling tried the “Air Jeruk Kelapa Muda“. Donno what to expect. Later we know that the jeruk meant limau. Then we walked to Plaza Indonesia. This place is full of branded boutique. From Cartier, to LV, to Bvlgari you name it. I saw TODS from far. I bought few bottles of body splash from Victoria Secret and Bath and Body Works line. Here they have money exchanger that open till night and on the weekend. One more thing, we bumped to Kaer (AF?) with his male friends at the escalator.

BTW, the room in Le Meridien is quite spacious & the food also not bad at all.

hotelroom.jpg hotelroom2.jpg

Day 2 – After breakfast, we went to Tanah Abang (I did a little bit of study on where to go about in Jakarta). From my reading, the expectation about the place is dirty and packed with people but surprisingly, that’s not the case. We went to Block A Tanah Abang and shopped around. The crowd is bearable. The goods also very attractive. From Kebaya, to Lace to Telekung and batik etc. Since we don’t have any specific thing in mind, we just strolled around. I end-up buying 3 pairs of kebaya with sulam and my laling had his tailor-made suit and a pair of pants from wool material.



batik.jpg batik2.jpg


From there, we took a cab to Mangga Dua, just to see the place. From Tanah Abang to Mangga Dua, the cab driver use a very small road. Very the “macet” (jammed). Once there, we donno where to go. So many shopping arcades. We just walked for about 20 minutes and then we decided to go back. On the way back, we stopped at Plaza Indonesia again to change some money (not enough maaa for dinner) hehehe … then we went to Garuda Restoran again for another round of Nasi Padang. Today we just took 5 dishes. But still Ayam Bumbu on the top most of our dishes.



Day 3 – Initially we planned to go to Taman Mini Indonesia which is about 1 hour drive from the hotel. However since the tailor for my laling suit would like to come around 12 noon, then we decided just to stay at the hotel. Around noon the tailor came to our room and we chit-chatting for about an hour. While talking to Pak Azhari (the tailor) a helicopter passed through our hotel window (we stayed at the 5th floor, so you can imagine how low the heli was). Actually my room is facing most of the banks in Jalan Sudirman, the Commonwealth Bank, Maybank, Permata Bank, UOB Bank etc. Pak Azhari said the heli belongs to the conglomerate or corporate executive. That’s how they move around in Jakarta. After that we packed or things and checked out around 2pm. Soon after that the guy from MG Holidays (Mr Ari) came and fetched us to the airport. We had our lunch at the airport around 4pm (nasi padang again hahaha)….. Our flight ETD 1830hrs.

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Traveling : Hawaii Part2

Updates from Hawaii. I write in new topic so that it won’t reside at the bottom of my page.

After get some rest from a very longggggg journey, I had a pre-meeting discussion with other committees chairmen. Here are some snapshots of the hotel’s beach taken from the secretariat room:

day2beach2.jpg day2beach.jpg

day2beach3.jpg day2beach4.jpg

Then we proceed to visit the Pearl Harbor. Amazing! It flashbacks what had happened during the fateful day of 7 Dec 1941 at Pearl Harbor. They lost so many lives. The most destructive vessel is USS Arizona.

pix will be updated soon.

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Happy Birthday

The longest birthday ever. I departed from Malaysia on my birthdate, transit in Seoul on the same day and arrived in Hawaii still on the same date (even after more than 24 hours journey)! hahaha …. something to remember. Will update the story soon.

Update 24/11 Noon.

OK. Story telling time. I departed from KUL on 24/11 0110AM heading to Seoul. The flight was delayed almost an hour as 3 passengers decided not to travel on that flight (i eves dropped, one of them or two of them lost their tickets). So as normal procedure, their luggage ought to be unloaded. The journey was smooth all the way. Arrived in Seoul around 8.00AM, we checked-in to a nearby hotel since our connecting flight is at 0800PM. We took Korean Air from Seoul to Honolulu. Then the same thing happened. The flight was delayed a bit. There are passengers who lost their boarding pass and their luggage must be unloaded. Waiting time again. After finish my dinner, I slept until the stewardess woke me up for breakfast. Vegetables tempura and prawn curry. Never taste better in that situation hehehe…

Once in the hotel, we managed to check-in but unfortunately as it was too early, our rooms were not ready. So we left our bags at the concierge and strolled around the city center until noon.

Our lunch in Incheon, Seafood Curry Pizza. It costs us 23000 won (around RM80++) for a large size pizza. But it’s more than enough for four of us.  The next pix is the flight I was on board yesterday.

lunch.jpg b777ke.jpg 

My first glimpse of Hawaii. The rainbow welcomes me!

1stglimpse.jpg rainbow.jpg 

Closed to landing, looks like a military based. I dunno. Next is the Honolulu International Airport. Aloha!

mbase.jpg alohahonoluluairport.jpg

The hotel that I am staying.

hotel.jpg hotelimp.jpg

Shopping area, cross the road from my hotel above. One shop that selling magnets – hulala, my favourite.

intlmktplace.jpg magnet.jpg

Tips of the iceberg at international market place. Next: Shrimp Fried Rice for lunch.

shops.jpg nasigoreng.jpg 

End of day 1.

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Traveling: Hawaii

I am flying-off tomorrow for Hawaii, USA. I’ll be there for about 1 week, chairing a meeting and attending another meeting. The destination is Honolulu, Oahu and will be staying in a hotel at Waikiki Beach. Just to share the glimpse of the island that I am heading to:






Thanks to GoogleEarth!

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Traveling: Singapore

I am currently in Singapore attending a meeting. Arrived at the hotel late afternoon today. The journey was so quick. I remember I just flipped through the newspaper only few pages then there was an announcement on the arrival procedure. The landing made me “mabuk“, I thought there was a crosswind hit our plane & I was sitting at the last row of A330-200. After check in and get some rest, we went out to Far East Plaza for dinner, just walking distance from the hotel. I had a Nasi Goreng Pattaya. Sedap! Maybe day after tomorrow we’ll go some other places to find the famous “Murtabak Singapore”.

Tonite I need to review some documents and reports for the meeting tomorrow. Some pictures to share:

takeoff.jpg   flight.jpg

Seconds after take-off                                                   The flight

abouttoland.jpg   restoran.jpg

About to land                                                                    The restaurant that we had dinner last night

dinner.jpg   dinner2.jpg

Delegates, altogether 3 tables. Left: Singapore, Thailand, France, Malaysia, Egypt. Right: Bangladesh, Italy, Tunisia and Pakistan. Not all parties attended the dinner. Believe they went for shopping! hehehehe….


The food: In the center is Asam Pedas Kepala Ikan (Fish Head in chilli gravy), surrounded by deep fried babysquid, chicken satay with peanut sauce, Sambal Udang (Prawn in chilli paste), Sayur Lodeh (Vegetables cook with coconut milk), Deep fried Tofu with Eggs, Beef Rendang and Fried Marinated Chicken. Too much for everyone to finish. The dessert also yummy but sorry no picture as everyone was busy finishing it.

hotel.jpg   hotelinside.jpg

The hotel that we stay                                               Inside the hotel (a boutique hotel, connected to mall)

cheesecake.jpg   murtabak.jpg

Cheesecake anyone?                                                 Murtabak Singapore at Sultan Road. Taste: biasa jer…

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Traveling: Syria

10 September 2007 – HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAHLING!!! …. stay young at heart chewaahhh!!! heheheh

We went out in the evening to El Hamidiyeh Souq (car & driver courtesy of the hosting party).

kul-doh.jpg  doh-dam.jpg

KUL-DOH A300 (QR)                                                        DOH-DAM A320 (QR)

doh-dam-meal.jpg  doh-dam-landing.jpg

Meal on QR DOH-DAM                                                       About to land in Damascus

sheraton-damascus.jpg  qassium.jpg

The hotel that we stay                                                   View of Damascus from Casium Mount. It’s breathtaking!

souq.jpg  kedaisamir.jpg

This is the view of the souk from the entrance. It is very long with shops on your right & left side. Next pix: Mr Samir, one of the shop owner that we found later today holding the jubah that I bought. Very nice material & design.

kedai-zaim.jpg  lingarie.jpg

So many things …..  from jubah, table cloth, runners, pillow case … you name it ….. including up-to-date lingarie hehehe                                                


The tudung 2 pieces style. All made in Syria. I bought few pieces. Anyone interested can contact me hehhehe … price negotiable.

omayyad-mosque.jpg  saladdin.jpg

Actually the souq entrance is facing the Omayyad mosque where the tomb of the Islam Great Warrior, Saladin (right pix) is located. The Omayyad mosque was built in year 86 hijrah (truly amazing)!

inside-the-mosque.jpg  mosque-compound.jpg

Inside the mosque                                                               The mosque compound

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Traveling: Awana Genting & Syria

I went to Awana Genting for 1 night yesterday, following my hubby who has a company retreat over there.

Coming back, we were busy packing our stuff – Tonite, we are going to fly to Damascus, Syria via Doha.

Will update once I reach there.

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Work: Another milestone

I am currently in Chennai, India chairing a meeting. Departed from KUL yesterday night and check-in to the hotel around midnight. Today do some preparation for tomorrow’s meeting. Do not have time to go around, yet! hehehe…. btw, I have captured few pix.

Here are some snapshots

hotel-swimming-pool.jpg  tuktuk.jpg

Hotel’s swimming pool. Next: We ride a 3-wheeler  on the first day. scarrryyy….

dinner1.jpg  dinner2.jpg

Above: Dinner hosted by our host. Yummy but a bit too much for me. Nice ambience.

stonefront.jpg  stone.jpg

Visited an ancient monument. The above is the stone where the center of gravity is. The stone is well balanced and sooooooo huge!

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