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Happy 2nd Birthday NURIN!

31/5/2008 – 2nd Birthday for Nurin. She experienced the special day without her beloved father who had just passed away  about a month ago. We just bought a cake and birthday presents for her. Her mother bought a Barbie computer which she termed as “TER”. My sister and I bought a giraffe ride that she termed as “DUG DAG”. My brother bought a Barbie doll which she called “BARBIE Doi” hehehe ….. Her brothers gave a pink hat, so cute!

The cake …..

The three siblings sing the birthday song … clap clap clap …. the birthday girl seems can’t wait to blow out the candles.

Nurin: Why they took so long to take a plate…. I can’t wait, it’s better for me to taste from the plastic knife.

Mama doesn’t have to take me to shopping mall to ride a dug dag …. now I have one at home!!! hehehe ….




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Traveling: Melbourne, Australia

I am currently in Melbourne, Australia, chairing a meeting. The weather here quite nice in the day time and is getting colder at night. It’s going to winter soon. Not in the mood of taking any pictures, yet! 🙂 . The halal food are also easily available.

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Innalillahiwainnailaihiroji’un – WAN SHAMSIR NIZAM IDRIS (1972 – 2008)



My brother-in-law, the husband of my eldest sister, the father of these 3 wonderful children, passed away peacefully on 2/5/2008.


Semoga roh Allahyarham Wan Shamsir Nizam Idris dicucuri Rahmat Allah s.w.t. dan ditempatkan bersama orang-orang beriman. Amin.

Takziah to my sister & the family of my late brother-in-law

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Happy Birthday Mak & Adik

Happy Birthday to my mother and my only and youngest brother. It is very rare to have birthdates for the mother and son fall on the same day, in our case = 14 APRIL

It is not too late to congratulate my brother & his wife on their new born babygirl, ALEEYAH dated 2 APRIL 2008. Happy Belated Birthday to the mother too (9 APRIL). So April gonna be a busy month for my brother’s family.

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Cupcakes: Engagement Gift

It has been so long I didn’t update this blog. Still not fit 100% and at the same time busy with work.

Yesterday I made this cuppies for a colleague’s engagement. Selamat Bertunang Farhana….

I guess this is the first and last order for this month. I cannot accept anymore order this month (in fact I have rejected many orders, sorry to my customers and many thanks for your support). I am going to Cambodia anytime soon and have some other scheduled activities over the next few weeks. Sorry again.

9 Cuppies for Hantaran:


The remainings for the family and friends:


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Dear Customers & Friends,

Sorry I was so quiet for the past few weeks. I was away for a medical reason and were not able to reply to your emails. I will response to your emails once my condition is ok.

BTW, my SMS also doesn’t work at the moment. Seems it is a standard problem for a hacked iphone I believe. I cannot read and send SMS. Please accept my apology. I have read the solution online but don’t have the confidence to do it on my own. Will ask my brother to do it for me when he is coming to my house.


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KL-Putrajaya Highway

I’ve been using the hiway for the past one month (for free! hehehe). Today it officially starts the toll fee for RM 2.50 from Putrajaya Tol Plaza. Means return RM 5.00. Let’s do some maths here. If i follow normal route, it will be RM 1.60+RM1.60 x 2 ways = RM 6.40/ day. With this new hiway, I shall pay RM 2.50 + RM 1.60 x 2 ways = RM 8.20. The difference is RM 1.80/ day which makes RM 36/ month or RM 432/ year. Minus the number of days I’m on leave and outstation overseas, the number will be much lesser, I believe around RM 300/ year.

Finished with the maths, now we do the simple analysis. If I follow the normal route, I will take around 45 minutes to reach NPE. With the new hiway, I only take 15 minutes which means I saved 60 minutes (30+30 for return trip)/ day or 12000 minutes (about 8 days)/ year. I don’t mind paying RM 300 extra per year and of course, without compromising my productivity and quality time… it saves my expenses on the fuel too. My eyes get some exercise as lots of greens on your left and right along the hiway. For me, the intangible benefits are much more than RM300. Good job & Thank you.


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Our Shop: Almost 95% Ready

I went there just now and snapped some pix using my iphone camera. I was made to understand that the key is going to be ready by end of next month. We already decided to rent it out. I’ve talked to my agents. We will see & we are so excited!


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Wedding: VIP Doorgift

I made this VIP Doorgift for a couple wedding reception last December. All 25 sets of dipped flowers in gold, cream & red with 3 ferrero roche chocolates attached to it. Thank you to YM Raja Aishah. The picture quality is not that good as I took it using my HP. In reality the flower set is very beautiful indeed!


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Cupcakes: Memoir of Aina

A friend of mine ordered 100 of this for her late daughter’s tahlil. She lost her recently due to brain tumor. Al-Fatihah.

I made them in 4 designs so that they don’t look bored. Thanks Maz & Azlina.




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